Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Become a Great Guitar Player

If you're struggling to make your own songs, play without making mistakes, getting up to speed, hearing music in your head... Then I have solutions for you. I can take you by the hand and walk you step by step till you fulfill your dreams. Don't waste any more time, I'll make your efforts worth the effort.

Answer the questions I have about your guitar playing. Tell me your dreams, tell me what you want to do with your music, tell me your frustrations and your struggles, and I'll help you overcome all of your issues. I have the answers you seek. Simply send me a message by visiting guitar lessons in San Diego

Friday, February 4, 2011

Progressive Rock Music Mentoring Programs

Do you want to learn to learn how to play guitar?

I am a MENTOR that analyzes your playing and gives critical feedback to you.
I am a TEACHER that gives relevant lesson material that moves you consistently forward until you reach your musical goals.
I am a COACH that will guide you step-by-step until you're fully developed.
I am a TRAINER that will make sure you're practicing correctly and efficiently.

With me, there's no unnecessary studying, no wasted time, and no useless material that you may get with other teachers that are teaching you out of a cookie-cutter book. Nothing I teach is random.

Your practice routines change EACH day, and even more so each WEEK!

I offer additional services or online resources, at San Diego Guitar Lessons, such as free articles, office hours that you can contact me for questions and answers for students, band coaching to students, open-mic experience to students, bonus lessons for students, and I promote my students on my own website!

I will vastly improve your improvisation skills, your songwriting/compositional skills, your technique, and your aural skills. You will be able to play anything you hear in your head. You will be able to write your own songs and join a band. You will be able to play at top speeds, and use whatever kinds of wacky techniques; I will show you how to practice them.
You will learn to manage your practice time efficiently so that you will easily pass the abilities of all your friends, and even your music professors and everyone around you will envy your progress!

I use a SPECIALLY DESGNED TEACHING SYSTEM - not just some tabs, or unplanned lessons that most teachers give to students, but a SPECIALLY DESIGNED series of lessons tailored to YOU that will take you wherever you desire and will solve all your musical frustrations and end your struggles.

With me you SAVE TIME, because you will no longer be searching endlessly online or in books for things you want to practice, and you will no longer be wasting your valuable practice time doing things that DON'T move you forward.

With me you SAVE MONEY, because you will no longer need to search for a good music teacher, and you will no longer need to buy books, or any kinds of random junk other teachers may ask you to get.

With me you SAVE EFFORT, because you will always know what to do, and how to do it. I create everything for you. There is no misguidance, no frustration, no more questions left unanswered.

There's no negative pressures. You will be surrounded by like-minded musicians that are my other students- they are all SUCCESSFUL, MOTIVATED, PASSIONATE, DEVOTED, COMMITTED, GOAL ORIENTED, and PERSISTANT.

I will never criticize you wrongly, or put you down. You will always get constructive comments, and you will see an IMMEDIATE GROWTH in musical skill.

Your lessons can are created for YOU, and YOU ALONE.

To get guitar lessons in San Diego,
go to my website and answer my questions about you and your musical skills, goals, and frustrations.