Monday, January 5, 2009

World Of Warcraft FREE DOWNLOAD

Ok, so a lot of you have been playing WoW for a long time and have been paying for it.. Well it's time to change that. IF you know french. ;) Well yes, I have ben playing WoW for quite a while for FREE! And that's because I went and took French in High School and now I can play the game however long I want for free. Well this is the site to download it from if you can understand it:

Darluok Server

You have to make a free account using a real email and then on the left there's a little thing that says login, and you login with your new username and password you just created... Then you look again on the left after you login and you find the word "Télécharger" and you click on that then download all the files and install the thing.. Make sure you follow the instructions (again in french) and then you can play FOR FREE!!! Haha! :D Sure it takes a long ass time to download (appx. 6 hours) but it's worth it.

Buckethead - Decoding The Tomb of The Bansheebot (2007)

Well Buckethead is an AMAZING guitarist, the best I've ever heard. He even beats Pink Floyd, even though they're my favorite band. And this album is probably his best, besides maybe Giant Robot. This is a more standard or formal album since most of his other stuff is really wild and can go from really soft to insane in the span of a few seconds... This is really nice for people who aren't too fond of really soft nor really hard rock. Great album by a great composer!

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